Friday, November 16, 2012

This Crazy Little Thing Called Life

I feel as if I have been away from my computer (and blog) forever, but crazily enough, it has only been three days. I know we have all experienced a time when a 24-hour period feels like weeks have actually passed. This has been one of those times. Tuesday was an ordinary day and evening. My family had dinner, kids did their homework, we all went to bed. At three in the morning my fifteen-year-old son woke me complaining of stomach pains and nausea. This seems to happen every few months with him and I figured it was another episode of a stomach bug. As it turned out, it was appendicitis and by nine in the morning we found ourselves in the hospital emergency room. A ruptured appendix was confirmed that afternoon and he was in surgery before dinnertime. Fortunately, the rupture went into an abscess that had been forming in his stomach (hence, all the "stomach bugs" he had been experiencing). The good news is that the infection did not spread throughout his body more mysterious stomach bugs! He is now home recovering and we are both happy to be back in our own beds.

The interesting part of this whole story is the bliss I found in the midst of it all. I found myself in a hospital room for two days with my only care in the world being the comfort and healing of my sweet boy. I had my cell phone and a good book. I told my husband not to bring me the laptop. In a strange sort of way, it was nice to escape from all the other obligations of life for just a short time. I napped, I prayed, I finished an entire book that had been on my nightstand for probably six months waiting for me, and I spent some precious time with my son. Before surgery, with the pleasant effect of morphine doing it's job, we talked and we talked. He told me all about his plans for the future after high school and college. He told me how he wants to serve our country in the military. He told me all about the books he has been reading. And much more. It was wonderful. Post surgery, I was up every two hours with him trying to ease his pain and discomfort. God must have given me some extra energy and adrenaline because the lack of sleep I was operating on was insane. Sometimes, I believe as mothers, we are granted super-human powers that just have no other explanation. We can do the impossible when need be.

When we returned home last night, my son told me he loved me and thanked me for staying with him. I told him there was nowhere else I would have been. This is probably the busiest weekend yet for our family this fall. A dance convention, a wrestling tournament, an antique fair, a charity event, and even a wedding....but sometimes life just happens. You are stopped in your tracks. All the best laid plans go right out the window. But it's ok. You play with the cards you're dealt. I had been gearing up for a crazy busy weekend and now I feel almost a sense of relief that it will be slower. The rest of my family will still be on the go, but I don't feel the pressure to do it all now. I will be here with my sweet boy nursing him back to health and I am just fine with that. There is nowhere else I would rather be.

Slow down, enjoy the little things and embrace the ones you love. 
Have a beautiful weekend, my friends.


  1. Our posts are quite similar this week I think. Glad everything is ok :)

    Sweet Apple Lifestyle

  2. That is so scary that his appendix burst! I am so glad to hear that the infection didn't spread and that he is feeling so much better.
    It's always nice to get away from the computer for a while.

  3. Best of luck with your son! It's great news that he's on his way to recovering!!

  4. Thank goodness he is OK. I know how you felt in the hospital room. When I was there in July for four days it was like another quiet world with nothing to do but lay there. My daughter was worried because I didn't even want my computor or to watch TV. Thank goodness I was on a quiet floor. I just watched the clouds roll by out my window and got better and better. Prayers are with him and your whole family.

  5. Wow, it's so true that God has other plans for us sometimes. So glad to hear he's alright!

  6. Wow, it's so true that God has other plans for us sometimes. So glad to hear he's ok!

  7. Sometimes it these kinda scary moments to bring us closer to our family members. I'm glad you had the special time with your son. You will remember that forever :) Wishing him a speedy recovery and YOU a good night's sleep tonight. Having two kids/adults in their 20's, I've been lucky enough to experience a wide range of situations. It's amazing how we all survive!

    So glad you stopped by my blog and I'll look forward to following yours!



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