Thursday, December 20, 2012

Tiffany Holiday Dreams

Many moons ago I worked in an upscale jewelry and fine china shop in which I was the manager of what we called the "Gift Pavilion". We registered all the brides in town for their china patterns and wedding gifts. Back then I was well acquainted with the oodles of dinnerware patterns on the market. I have long since forgotten many of them, but there is one that stands out in mind this time each year and that is Tiffany Holiday. I loved and admired it then and still feel the same about it today. It'a a shame I didn't start collecting it back when I was receiving an employee discount! But I suppose it's never to late to start that collection. Maybe a good gift idea for Christmas, birthday, Valentine's, Mother's piece at a time.
Tiffany Holiday was inspired by traditional Victorian celebrations, with elegant bundles of pinecones and cranberries strung from red garland bows. It's so beautiful. This pattern is just timeless, a charming holiday tradition. I have been pulling out my green and gold Noritake pattern for the holidays for years, but to own this collection would be amazing. Maybe I could mix the two until I have an entire like twenty years or so. Wouldn't this look just perfect on Christmas Day? And you know what else would be nice...opening up all those lovely "blue" boxes each year. I mean, who doesn't love a Tiffany box wrapped with a pretty white satin bow?? 

Do you have a favorite china pattern you use for the holidays? 
I would love to hear your table decorating traditions for Christmas Day!

Swede Inspiration of the Day...
"Small cheer and great welcome makes a merry feast."
{William Shakespeare}


  1. hi angie.

    it's a beautiful pattern. we don't have christmas china, but we do use our wedding china during the holidays. it's Ranier by Noritake, and i love it now as much as i did in 1986 when i registered for it!

    smiles to you.

  2. Like Michele, we use our wedding china AND peices from my grandmother's collection. I am looking to add a few current pieces and these are gorgeous. So many beautiful options ate available!


Love to hear your thoughts and comments!

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